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Painting & faux finishing services

One of the most popular trends in today's interior design is painting a wall to match the other elements of your space. Whether your theme is more modern or classic, the right paint or faux finish can achieve the look and feel that you want to achieve. Providing quality painting and faux finish work can customize your modest abode into a work of art.

With a knowledgeable and hard-working crew of experienced painters, any faux finish or painting design can be adapted to suit your home's décor. For a weathered, Tuscan faux finish to match a set of classic pottery and cast-iron furniture in a day room, a faux finish can be adapted to age the walls using only painting techniques.
Painting and Faux Finishing in Arlington TX
To add a dreamy feel to a child's room, clouds can be added to a cerulean base by applying white paint with a sponge brush. A den can become a rustic space with a painted wood pattern, bringing a sense of warmth and rugged charm. A subtle lace faux finish over a creamy beige or a rosy pink could add a Victorian flourish to a space to compliment an antique armoire or claw-footed couch.

The benefit of using a faux finish rather than a wallpaper or other more permanent wall treatment is a combination of endless versatility without having to damage the existing walls or use expensive materials to achieve the same effect. Best of all, if you decide to change the space again in the future to evolve with your tastes, simply have the wall primed and repainted whatever faux finish or color you desire. Services, rates, faux finish design possibilities and more can be found for you ALL-PRO-FLOORS.