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The best in custom showers & tub surround

Our bathrooms are often first place we go in the morning, or our oasis at the end of a busy and frustrating workday. We go there out of sheer necessity, but this room can offer so much more. With custom showers and tub surround, it can be a relaxing environment that peels away the hectic layers of the day, offering you the respite you have so desperately needed. This can be just as important for the next day, as it allows you to sleep better, and wake up twice as refreshed as before.

At All Pro Floors, we know that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. While often overlooked by many, we try to offer the attention it deserves, with benefits that will serve your entire family. From our showroom in Arlington, TX, we already proudly serve the areas of Arlington, Mansfield, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We would love to serve you as well, so stop by at your convenience to speak with one of our sales professionals today.

Custom showers & tub surround can make a huge difference

When it’s time to get the day started, we most often do so by getting a nice hot shower or bath. It’s also the way we end many stressful days. While the act itself can be intensely gratifying, our surroundings really do make a difference. If we are stressing about how things look or function, when we’re supposed to be in a calm and relaxing environment, it can offer more harm than good.

But there’s far more than just feeling good about your surroundings. Upgrades like custom showers & tub surround can even provide you with a safer environment. Climbing in and out of tubs, or stepping into showers that might not be up to par, can create hazards the average homeowner hasn’t even considered. Depending upon the members of your household and their needs, it can often be to their great advantage to add these amenities.
Still, another aspect of custom showers & tub surround, is that they can be easier to clean than your old pieces. No one wants to spend half their day scrubbing away at dirty grout or shower floors and walls, that take more abuse than any area of the home. With a new face-lift, you can see a major decline in the amount of time you spend cleaning these areas.