Hardwood floors from All Pro Floors in Arlington, TX

When you need the very best hardwood

Choosing hardwood floors for your home is more than just deciding to purchase wood flooring. Instead, it’s the culmination of several factors that work together to create a fantastic surface. Your choices will affect both appearance and durability, so let us help you.

For the very best aesthetics, you can choose from species, stain, and finish, all of which offer some of the most beautiful appearances available in the flooring industry. But the wood species and finish also work to protect your floors as well. You’ll find out more as we tell you more now.

Hardwood floors offer many options

Visiting our hardwood flooring store is a great way to see our great selection in person. There’s nothing like experiencing the depth of colors, stains, and formats for yourself. You’ll get a great idea of how they’re going to look in your home. They match nearly every interior design scheme available as well, for a luxurious experience that keeps you current.

The wood species can cover more than one need. They come in a variety of harnesses, which means you’ll need to choose the one best suited for your home’s level of in-house traffic. But they can also lend a stunning appearance through grain patterns and other visuals.

If you have a basement room that needs to be floored, solid hardwood is not a good option. In its place, you could easily substitute engineered wood floors, which give you the same excellent hardwood appearance, but with even more benefits and much less worry. You can also refinish engineered floors, depending on the thickness of the actual real-wood layer on top.

Let us help finalize your hardwood flooring choice

When you visit a hardwood flooring retailer like All-Pro Floors at our Arlington, TX showroom, you’ll find a great selection of materials and services, as well as associates who are ready to help you find exactly what you want and need. If you’re in the areas of Arlington, Mansfield, or the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we encourage you to visit at your convenience. We look forward to serving you