Luxury Vinyl Flooring | Arlington, TX showroom

When it’s time to choose a luxury vinyl floor covering

Choosing a brand-new floor covering is an exciting time, especially if that flooring happens to be luxury vinyl. It provides a wealth of benefits including a great look, functional durability, and with the right options, can even be considered waterproof flooring.

More than anything, it’s important that your floors meet your requirements and preferences, and our luxury vinyl flooring store can be of great assistance in this endeavor. You’ll appreciate the variety you’ll get from these floors, with an all-in-one package that seems to work for extensive varieties of homeowners.

Reasons to choose luxury vinyl for your home

Your luxury vinyl flooring retailer will be able to give you extensive details about your new flooring choice, especially if you go for the waterproof flooring variety. However, here are a few pieces of information to get you started.

Luxury vinyl floors are an excellent way to get just the look you want. From beautiful colors to designs that mimic the look of all-natural solid hardwood flooring or stone, you’ll enjoy great variety. At the same time, these floors are stable and feature a protective wear layer, right on top, for added protection against daily wear.

If you’re looking for ease of installation, luxury vinyl floors are perfect, and your installation team will be in and out quickly. You’ll be able to walk on your floors right away and can keep them clean with just a broom and damp mop.

Our associates will help with all your luxury vinyl options

When you visit All-Pro Floors at our Arlington, TX showroom, you’ll be dealing with friendly, experienced associates who truly care about your needs. Tell us exactly what you’re looking for and you won’t have to worry that you’ll miss a thing.

We’ve been a trusted flooring provider for years for the areas of Arlington, Mansfield, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and we love adding new satisfied customers to our list. Be sure to stop by for a visit when you’re in the area. We look forward to assisting you with your flooring needs.