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What is the difference between solid and engineered hardwood flooring?

While there are differences between solid and engineered hardwood flooring, similarities exist too. Both types of floor coverings are available in a variety of wood species. Oak and maple are perennial favorites. Hardwood styles are many, and right now, weathered, aged, and distressed styles are trendy. All-Pro Floors is a family-owned and operated hardwood flooring retailer in Arlington, Texas, that offers brands from top companies like Mannington, Earthwerks, and Mullican Flooring. Our installation team can install any type of wood flooring.


Solid wood boards are milled from one piece of wood. There are two types of solid flooring. Prefinished boards come with factory-applied finishing treatments. Unfinished boards are sanded, stained, and sealed in the home. Engineered boards have multiple layers. The core is made up of five to seven layers of plywood that are pressed together in a crisscrossed pattern. A layer of hardwood is placed above the plywood core.

Below grade placement

Because of its stable core, engineered hardwood is not likely to expand, contract, or shift when there is a change in moisture, humidity, and temperature. This is not the only reason this floor covering is ideal for basement installation. Engineered boards are usually designed to fit together so the floor floats above the subfloor. Therefore, installation over a cement slab is no problem since the floor does not need to be attached to the subfloor.


Solid wood flooring is nailed to a wood subfloor. Prefinished boards can be installed in one day. A floor constructed of unfinished boards takes one week to install. The floor cannot be walked on for a second week while boards acclimate to the new surroundings. Generally, solid hardwood flooring has tighter seams between boards than engineered wood flooring. Also, boards tend to be narrower.

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