Waterproof flooring from All Pro Floors in Arlington, TX

Waterproof flooring for peace of mind

Does this sound familiar? Someone we know splits his time between two regions of the country. His neighbor said he'd go check on the vacant home once daily but didn't. After four days he walked in to find a flood. Thankfully the flooring was waterproof, so the damage was contained.

What is it?

The best way to explain this is with a little timeline.

Up until the past decade, tile flooring was the only waterproof material. Standard sheet vinyl was durable and, although highly water-resistant, wasn't completely impervious to liquid. Then came along luxury vinyl (LVF), a more advanced version of the standard sheet. It was thicker, more durable and this one was entirely waterproof. Waterproof flooring is (LVF) but with a different core: the technologically advanced WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite).

You get all the style of LVF, with the realistic mimics of natural materials like wood and stone. The product offers a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and designs, especially in tile looks. Since the image is created with 3-D photography, knots, grains, and vibrant colors just pop. There are the same texturing features and finishes.

Here’s an easy way to remember it: All waterproof flooring is luxury vinyl, but not all LVF is waterproof flooring. It is all just as affordable, however. You need to talk to your flooring retailer to find the best waterproof version for you.

What’s the difference between WPC and SPC?

It's a matter of personal preference. WPC is a little more flexible and softer, while SPC is more rigid.  Both provide the same appearance and function.

Other benefits include:

It is very easy to care for.  Sweep daily because you don't want soil and dirt to embed. Damp-mop with a manufacturer-approved cleaner; avoid the waxy, shine-promoting cleaners since they can dull and even change the floor's color. If you feel that the floor needs more shine, talk to the retailer.

It’s also an uncomplicated installation, DIY-friendly even. With a few exceptions, the vinyl can be placed over an existing subfloor, the pieces can either be glued or click and locked.

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