Hardwood flooring from All Pro Floors in Arlington, TX

Three things you may not have known about hardwood floors

They lend warmth and charm to any room and these floors are long-lasting and never go out of date.

Yet, myths surround hardwood and we’ll clear up the misconceptions for good.

There are two kinds of hardwood flooring

While it’s true that excess water can damage solid wood, there is another type that is taking the wood flooring industry by storm. Engineered hardwood is more stable and better able to handle water.

The only difference is the construction. While solid is one slice all the way through, engineered has a slice of genuine wood at the top, and underneath are at least three layers of genuine wood combined with resins. They are placed in a crosswise manner.

Engineered doesn’t shrink and expand to adjust to humidity levels, so no acclimation is needed.  While it still shouldn’t be installed in full bathrooms (known as “the wettest room in the house”) half-baths and powder rooms are fine.  If there were basements in Texas, engineered timber would be fine!  The best thing: Ask your retailer about where you can and cannot install engineered.

All hardwood adds value to a property

Either version will help you recoup 70 to 80% (someplace that figure even higher) or the initial price, as reflected in your home assessment.

If you’re planning to sell anytime in the future, also know that buyers will sometimes pay up to 2.5% more for a home with wood floors.  That includes engineered; in fact, real estate sales associates tell us that they are legally allowed to say “wood floors” in their advertising tools.

Look for undertones and then put them to your advantage

Undertones are simply secondary colors mixed in the primary one.  For example, a mahogany floor might have a red or orange hue, while a gray floor can look slate blue at times.

Highlight or accent them, either with wall colors, upholstery or accessories. 

Easy to maintain

The myth of this flooring being difficult to care for doesn’t seem to go away, but all you do is vacuum frequently and polish occasionally.  Employ the same everyday rules you would for any flooring, such as using mats and protective furniture pads.

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