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Pros and cons of floating vs. glue-down luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is a versatile option that provides high-end looks without the high cost. With advances in texture and design, LVT and LVP flooring can beautifully mimic hardwood, stone, and tile. But which installation method should you choose? Let's explore the pros and cons of floating versus glue-down luxury vinyl flooring.

Floating luxury vinyl flooring

Floating luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring use a click-lock system that lets the planks snap together without adhesives. This type of floor "floats" above the subfloor.

Pros of floating LVT and LVP flooring

  • Ease of installation: Floating luxury vinyl flooring is beginner-friendly, as no glue is required. The click-lock planks fit together easily, making installation quicker and simpler.
  • Repair and replacement: Individual planks can be replaced more easily if damaged without disturbing adjacent pieces.
  • Subfloor imperfections: Floating luxury vinyl’s thicker structure allows it to hide minor subfloor irregularities, making it forgiving to install over less-than-perfect surfaces.
  • Cost-effective: DIY installation means you can save on labor costs.

Cons of floating LVT and LVP flooring

  • Movement: If not installed correctly or over an uneven subfloor, floating luxury vinyl flooring may shift or flex underfoot.
  • Sound: Floating luxury vinyl can sometimes be noisier due to the slight gap between it and the subfloor. An underlayment can help minimize noise.

Glue-down luxury vinyl flooring

Glue-down luxury vinyl adheres directly to the subfloor using specialized adhesives, providing a more permanent solution.

Pros of glue-down LVT and LVP flooring

  • Stability: Since it’s glued down, this luxury vinyl flooring provides excellent stability, making it ideal for high-traffic areas where shifting is undesirable.
  • Sound absorption: The adhesive layer dampens sound, making it quieter than floating floors.
  • Low profile: Glue-down luxury vinyl has a thinner profile, which is useful in areas where height clearance is limited.
  • Design possibilities: This method allows intricate designs such as borders, patterns, and inlays.

Cons of glue-down LVT and LVP flooring

  • Installation challenges: Adhesive application requires skill and can be messy. Many homeowners prefer professional installation for glue-down luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring.
  • Subfloor prep: The subfloor must be clean, level, and dry to ensure proper adhesion. Any imperfections could impact the installation.
  • Repair complexity: Replacing damaged planks can be challenging due to the adhesive, often requiring professional assistance.

Your experts on luxury vinyl flooring in Arlington, TX

Choosing between floating and glue-down luxury vinyl flooring depends on the specific needs of your space. Floating luxury vinyl is ideal for DIYers and areas where ease of installation and flexibility are important. Glue-down luxury vinyl flooring is better suited for high-traffic commercial spaces or where intricate design work is desired. By weighing the pros and cons of each, you can find the perfect solution for your next flooring project.

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