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Making sure you have the facts about luxury vinyl

If you are on the hunt for the very best luxury vinyl flooring, you may be doing a lot of research. And with an extensive amount of research comes both true and false information. To find the best product for your own needs, knowing the difference is crucial.

We want to make sure you have information that will help you to make an educated decision concerning the product that is best for your home. Of course, if you have more questions, you should certainly contact us for further details.

A luxury vinyl dealer you can trust

All-Pro Floors is family owned and operated and we believe that professional services, high-quality products, and affordable pricing are the backbone of a great flooring service. Our associates are highly trained, with all the knowledge necessary to answer your most pressing questions.

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Luxury vinyl can make a huge difference in your home

It’s important to know that modern luxury vinyl bears little resemblance to those sheet vinyl floors from yesteryear. Benefits abound, as you find this material is a perfect choice for bedrooms as well as hallways, living rooms as well as laundry rooms, and basement placement is not out of the question.

Created for heavily traveled homes, you’ll find this material to be stable and durable, features that are important to every single homeowner. If you happen to live with children or pets, it’s even more important.

There’s also a bit of resilience included in this product, making it softer to walk on, warmer to the touch, and more comfortable in playrooms and kitchens, where standing in one place for long periods is common.

For even more protection and complete peace of mind, consider choosing a waterproof luxury vinyl. These products are perfect for basements and any other space where moisture, humidity, and dampness could be an issue. You’ll be fully protected and completely worry-free.

No matter which product you choose, you’ll find your installers can put them in place quickly and easily. This assures a perfect installation, an intact warranty, and luxury vinyl that is simply stunning to see.