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Is a gray color available in vinyl plank flooring?

You’ll find stunning colors at your disposal in luxury vinyl flooring, including various gray hues to meet any flooring need. This popular color is still in style and works well for extensive flooring projects in every room.

Different grays come with various benefits, so there's an excellent fit for any need. Here are some facts for your consideration as you attempt to choose the perfect gray for your vinyl plank flooring.

Light gray flooring benefits

Light gray colors are perfect for small rooms because it creates the impression of larger spaces. In addition, it's open, airy, and easy to pair with various visuals to fit any décor scheme.

Luxury vinyl plank
matches beach house, farmhouse, and vintage visuals, depending on the colors you blend with light gray floors. But it's just as impressive in modern interior designs, so browse all the options.

Dark gray flooring benefits

Darker grays help draw in larger spaces for a cozier experience, especially when paired well with other colors and styles. In addition, they showcase area rugs well, especially with a contrasting color for a visual statement.

Add colors like honey, gold, teal, and red, for various appearance results. You’ll never have to worry about a dreary overtone with your new luxury vinyl flooring, even with the darkest grays.

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