Four facts about rigid core waterproof flooring

Four facts about rigid core waterproof flooring

Manufactured rigid core luxury vinyl flooring feels similar to the hardwoods it mimics, meaning that planks are sturdy and inflexible rather than pliant like other types of vinyl flooring.

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1. Luxury vinyl, including rigid core brands, is a multiple-layer flooring material

Vinyl plank waterproof floors are composed of wear, image, core, and a backing layer, and because these layers work so well together, planks are expected to last for decades. In particular, the transparent wear layer, which is thick on rigid core flooring, provides ample protection for the image layer.

2. Rigid core waterproof flooring has a WPC or an SPC core layer

Rigid core waterproof vinyl flooring has a wood plastic composite (WPC) core made with wood fibers or a stone plastic composite (SPC) core made with limestone. These 100-percent waterproof planks do not warp, buckle, shrink or expand in size when exposed to water.

3. Embossed-in-Register planks display the most authentic look

Planks can be lightly or deeply textured with embossing techniques to create a more realistic wood look. Embossing is applied randomly on standard textured brands, but when you choose an Embossed in Register brand, the embossing is aligned perfectly with the wood grain pattern.

4. Floors float above the subfloor or existing hard surface flooring

Rigid core waterproof flooring features a click-lock design, so installers can fit planks together to construct a floor without attachment to the surface beneath it. Further, these sturdy planks do not need to be laid on a perfectly level subfloor like other types of flooring.

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