Extend your vinyl plank flooring with accent walls

Extend your vinyl plank flooring with accent walls

Did you know there are many other uses for LVP flooring in Arlington, TX, besides only floor coverings? These materials make it possible to create impressive side projects like accent walls, giving your remodel new depth and character in every area.

As you search for the perfect materials, ask how luxury vinyl flooring could extend your benefits to create the perfect space. Here are some options that may give you surprising results for any size remodel, large or small.

What is an accent wall?

Accent walls draw attention to areas that might be overlooked otherwise and offer more ambiance and depth than a matching space. Use luxury vinyl flooring products, which are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices, but they can also bring impressive results in the hallway or a bathroom.

Depending on how you create color, texture, and size, these spaces can make the room feel larger, smaller, cozier, or more spacious. And some products make it easy to create the masterpiece you need.

Why luxury vinyl flooring?

One of the reasons this material is a first choice for creating accent walls is that it’s easy to work with. These products offer quick and easy installation, and vinyl plank flooring is also easy to remove and replace if it becomes damaged or worn.

Another feature these pieces offer is creating a look and feel that caters to your style. Choose any color or design, including natural-looking replicas like wood or stone, or more artistic options, like geometric shapes or animal prints.

From there, you can create a fantastic texture and add an installation layout, such as herringbone or chevron, for interest and durability. Ask our associates how to use these products to your advantage during your luxury vinyl flooring remodel.

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