Can I install any tile on my floors?

Can I install any tile on my floors?

No. If something is listed as a wall tile, you should not install it on the floor. Floor tile is constructed to be heavier, less slippery, and withstand the weight of people walking. Also, be aware that tiles have different strength levels and absorption rates, affecting where and how they can be used. Finally, please discuss your project thoroughly with the professionals in our tile shop, as the right or wrong tile can impact your remodeling.

Porcelain: ideal for kitchen floors

Many use porcelain and ceramic interchangeably, but that's incorrect since they all have characteristics that make them behave differently in some projects. For example, porcelain's construction comprised a non-porous clay with sand and glass and fired at higher temperatures. This results in a heavier, denser tile that is entirely waterproof whether or not it's glazed.

With countless colors, patterns and designs, this large format tile can be made to look like anything, including fabric, leather, stone, and wood, and can also be used on walls and tub/shower surrounds.

Ceramic tiles: all shapes, sizes, and designs

When you walk into our tile store, you'll see an overwhelming variety, including the glazed squares that most of us know. These are thinner, and the glaze makes it waterproof and gives the tile a hard outer shell that makes it almost impossible to crack. These are best for indoor moderately foot trafficked rooms, as well as walls, backsplashes, counters, and tub/shower surrounds.

Mosaics are tiny, durable, decorative, and often glass-coated pieces. They are now usually installed on bathroom floors, as much for their unique style and texture.

Terracotta bricks are ultra-durable, waterproof, and, until recently, were used mainly outside. However, they are now making a big comeback for indoor use because their gorgeous reddish-brown color works in many atmospheres, especially the trending organic, rustic design.

Subway tiles are now available in many colors, shapes, and sizes but should only be used indoors in low-traffic areas like the bedroom.

If you love to create, tile flooring is for you; you can mix and match to make your unique design! The All Pro Floor showroom is in Arlington, TX, so come in for a free quote, especially if you live or work in or near Mansfield, Dallas, or Fort Worth.