Waterproof flooring in Arlington, TX from All-Pro Floors

Waterproof versus water-resistant flooring: are they the same?

When choosing water-resistant flooring, homeowners need to spot water or liquid spills. Only waterproof flooring is designed to repel moisture for an extended time. You can find both types of floor coverings at All-Pro Floors in Arlington, TX. 


The two types of laminate demonstrate the difference between waterproof and water-resistant flooring. With standard planks and tiles, water pools on the surface instead of soaking into the flooring. Immediate cleanup is essential to avoid damage. Waterproof brands are more tolerant of moisture. Typically, water must be removed from the waterproof laminate within seventy-two hours. The exact time can be found in the manufacturer's specifications. 

Luxury vinyl 

Top-quality luxury vinyl planks and tiles repel water. This type of waterproof flooring tolerates standing water. This versatile floor covering is ideal for frequent travelers, parents, pet owners, and homeowners who may experience flooding. In short, luxury vinyl is a versatile, worry-free, easy-care material that can be placed anywhere in the home. Expect waterproof vinyl flooring to last up to 30 years.


Stone, ceramic, and porcelain are popular tile flooring materials. Most stone floors are sealed when installed, and to remain waterproof, they must be resealed periodically. Only glazed ceramic repels water, but porcelain, a type of ceramic, is naturally impervious. These three durable floor coverings last many decades. Porcelain tile, which comes in styles that mimic wood and stone, is the best type of tile available.

All-Pro Floors installs waterproof floors

All-Pro Floors installs water-resistant and waterproof floors in Arlington, TX, and other Dallas-Fort Worth communities, including Mansfield. Estimates are free. Our long list of services includes bathroom and kitchen remodeling. We are a family-owned business that aims to please. We are ready to assist you with your waterproof flooring upgrade. Choose in-store or at-home shopping.