Luxury vinyl flooring from All-Pro Floors in Arlington, TX

Three reasons to choose luxury vinyl floors

This vinyl is different than standard vinyl, in that the luxury version is thicker and completely waterproof.  Ask the retailer for some flooring samples of both so you can make the comparison.

Both are so stylish, however, that we’re seeing them in every room in the house, and in some pretty high-end homes at that.

While it’s a budget-friendly material, that’s not always the reason it’s selected.

You want wood floors in your bathroom

The wood-look is expected to stay popular for at least the next 15 years. You love that “sauna” or cabin look but, as many know, wood isn’t recommended for installation in the bath.  Hardwood can be damaged by excess water and the bath is considered to be the wettest room in the house.

When it’s luxury, the vinyl is completely waterproof, so those concerns are eliminated.

You want to make your kids' room special

Let’s be honest:  Kids play hard, run and fall a lot, so you need something not only aesthetically pleasing but also tough and safe.

And, as they grow up, their tastes constantly evolve.

Luxury vinyl floors
are one of the most recommended for kids.  The style alone will amaze you; it’s a realistic mimic of wood, tile or stone and you can even get it cut into planks or tile-sized pieces. Mix and match the vinyl tiles to create unique designs or pops of color.  Have some amusing luxury by placing toys, such as vintage cars or dolls, to create a fun retro look.  You’ll love what you see in the flooring store!

You want wood, but can’t do the remodeling all at once

Many people, because of budget constraints, will remodel in stages. That's not possible with wood, however, because remember that in nature everything’s a little different.  Even if the hardwood is the same species, it will be from a different tree.

Vinyl is synthetic, so it will always be consistent.

The amount of square footage in your house just makes the cost of natural materials prohibitive

That’s a little self-explanatory; the bigger the house, the more product to buy.

For more information, visit the All-Pro floors showroom in Arlington, TX, serving also Mansfield and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
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