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How to care for hardwood floors

Hardwood is timeless! It never goes out of style, and if you tire of the color, you can always get it sanded and stained. It’s versatile, fitting in well with any decor from country to modern.

According to the National Wood Flooring Association, wood floors can last for years, sometimes over 100, if taken care of properly. Because of that, they don't fill up the landfills, and they can often be recycled as "reclaimed wood." That makes the floors eco-friendly.

A hardwood flooring installation is fairly easy to maintain but do be aware that it can be damaged by excess water. Solid hardwood also shrinks and expands to adjust to the weather; the acclimation process is simple; your flooring pro will advise you.

Also, ask about engineered hardwood flooring, as it’s more stable and can handle moisture better.

Easy, everyday care

●Dust them every day. A microfiber mop or cloth is best because it will trap the dirt and soil, rather than just pushing it around. Soil and dirt can scratch if not removed.
●If you need to clean them using a dampened mop with water and a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Wring well and, when finished, wipe the floors thoroughly so no water gets between the planks.
●Vacuum once a week with a soft brush attachment. Remove beater bars if you have them because they cause scratching.
●Use mats at entrances; protective pads when moving furniture; avoid wearing stilettos; keep pet nails trimmed.

If your hardwood still gets wet

First, don’t panic, but act quickly. Remove all wet items, such as rugs, upholstery. Get rid of the towels you used to try to dry the floors because they’re probably soaked.

You don’t want moisture to get into the pores, causing mold and mildew to grow and that only takes about 12 hours.

Use a Wet Vac to soak up water (you can find them easily in hardware stores) and use fans and dehumidifiers. Disinfect to remove bacteria and examine for mold; if you see any, scour with a manufacturer-approved cleaner.

Finally, use a wood moisture meter and don’t turn the fans off until it registers that all water is gone. If you have any questions, call your flooring retailer for advice.

For more information, visit the All-Pro Floors showroom in Arlington, TX. Be sure to ask about our free estimates.
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