Wood-look tile from All-Pro Floors in Arlington, TX

Can you get a wood-look tile with texture?

Yes, thanks to modern technology, all tiles, whether ceramic or porcelain, can be made to look like wood. They come in a variety of colors so you can get any look from farmhouse to traditional and contemporary. 

Right now gray and white-washed shades and wide planks, are trending.  You aren’t limited to that, however. You can get warm hues, as well as multi tones. Planks come in varying widths;  keep in mind that these are tiles, so they are also available in many shapes and sizes.

To find out more ask a tile retailer in Arlington, TX, such as one at All-Pro Floors, to show you samples.

Textures, especially wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered and distressed, are trending this year. Wood floors, especially a farmhouse, rustic, or barn door, are also trending.  Any of these styles, and more, are possible. The beauty of tiles is that they are not only stylish enough for every room in the house, but they are also completely impervious to water.  That makes it a particularly good choice for high-moisture rooms like the kitchen or bath.

An excellent heat conductor

Especially appreciated by Texans where the temperature can rise above 100 degrees, tile flooring can help cool you down and save on the energy bills.  Walk into a chilly room in your bare feet; that coolness gets transferred to your feet and, as a result, your entire body. (It also works the other way, but that’s more relevant to the colder climates.)

Concrete slab installation--easier and less expensive

Speaking of warmer climates, it’s of special note that most homes in these areas are built on concrete slabs.  Tile can be installed directly over the slabs so installation is less expensive and complicated than when plywood or some other plank is placed over it first.

Keep in mind that, although direct contact with concrete does make installation somewhat less complicated, tile installation is laborious, requires special saws to cut, and layout is difficult.  This is a job best left to professionals.

Tile is also easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

For more information about tile or any of our other products, visit the All-Pro Floors showroom in Arlington, TX, servicing Arlington, Mansfield, Dallas, and Fort Worth. We also have a large range of services that include not only flooring installation but also kitchen and bath.  Please ask about our free estimates.