Can I wax vinyl plank flooring?

Can I wax vinyl plank flooring?

When you choose luxury vinyl plank flooring, floor waxing is a thing of the past. Instead, this high-tech flooring material needs no more than routine vacuuming or sweeping and weekly damp mopping to maintain its like-new look.

You can find the style that is best for your home at All Pro Floors, a family-owned business located in Arlington, TX, since 2008.

Multiple layer material

Luxury vinyl planks
are composed of four layers of different materials, and it's the surface layer, or wear layer, protects the wood design image layer beneath it.

Finally, the backing layer of the LVP flooring protects the core layer, and if you choose planks with a wood plastic composite (WPC) or stone plastic composite (SPC) core, your new floor will be 100 percent waterproof.

Wear layer thickness

Your money is well spent if you invest in top-quality luxury vinyl flooring since these brands have a thick and, thus, durable transparent wear layer.

You can expect the 20-mil+ wear layer found on the best LVP flooring brands to last for 25 years or more. In addition, some brands include an additional protective coating on top of this surface layer.

Wear layer maintenance

The wear layer is designed to effectively tackle daily wear and tear, but excessive abrasion can shorten your new floor's lifespan.

Since dirt and debris can mar the surface over time, place a doormat inside and outside your home's entryways. Then a quick daily sweep will be needed to minimize scratches and keep floors looking their best.

Your vinyl plank flooring store in Arlington, TX

All Pro Floors installs luxury vinyl flooring in Arlington, TX, Mansfield, Dallas, and Fort Worth. We also specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and offer numerous other services, like a shop-at-home service.

Contact us today to learn more about shopping for vinyl plank flooring, or visit our showroom in Arlington, TX.
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