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Can I get a rustic look with luxury vinyl flooring?

Yes, just because vinyl is man-made doesn’t mean you can’t still have flooring with a rustic appearance, or that you can’t have any luxury, for that matter.

Sensational style

This flooring comes in so many colors, patterns, designs and species that you can get virtually any look you want. For an organic atmosphere, you’d probably want wood, so plank would be the answer. Here, vinyl is cut in strips and mounted on boards to mimic the real thing.

Add some embossing for a hand-scraped, wire-brushed, distressed or antiqued appearance and voila! Your floor has elegance, luxury, and sophistication.

They say the home is the castle, so maybe you want to be literal and have stone flooring, whether it’s marble, quartz, travertine, slate or limestone. You have that luxury with this vinyl.

If you want to add some playful color, you can always get it cut into tile-sized pieces to create a design.

Once upon a time…

When vinyl was introduced to the American market decades ago, this flooring was praised because it was so functional, durable and easy to maintain. There weren’t many designs, however, and the images were flat.

Like anything else, technology has made this product evolve. With digital photography, the images are so clear and concise that you see every knot, raised grain, swirl, and veining in the photo. Features, such as embossing, were added for texturing to eliminate those flat images and you can get matte or gloss finishes.

Want some other luxury?

●Time. No scrubbing required! Just sweep and periodically mop with water and a manufacturer-approved cleaner.
●Durability. All vinyl is strong and waterproof. You can, however, get it with other cores for additional levels of protection from water and moisture and to make it thicker. (Note: Ask about WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite).
●Comfort. This material tends to be soft, warm and flexible anyway, but if you add an underlayment, it is even more so. (Note: Some will already come with an underlayment pre-attached. If so, you don’t need to add another one).

For more information, come into the All-Pro Floors showroom in Arlington, TX., and ask about our free estimates.
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