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4 tips to prevent tile floors from sweating

Have you ever walked into your room and felt the tile floors underfoot to be damp, though nothing was spilled? Typically, this thin layer that seems to appear out of nowhere is due to condensation and is commonly known as sweating. Not only is it unpleasant, but it can also potentially cause slippage and lead to mold growth. This type of condensation is a phenomenon that happens when warm water vapor in the air comes into contact with cold tile floors. Luckily, we have these 4 simple tips to prevent your tiles sweating and causing problems.

1. Improve ventilation

Usually, once you improve indoor ventilation and regulate ambient temperature, the air quality vastly improves and doesn't cause sweating. The easiest way to solve this issue is by opening a window for cross-ventilation after washing clothes or showering. Ensure exhaust fans are installed in both the washroom and kitchen, as high as possible to catch most of the moisture. Prevent air from becoming stagnant by adding attic fans and vents to improve circulation in the house.

2. Use a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier, a relatively inexpensive appliance that sucks moisture directly out of the air, can stop condensation and greatly improve general comfort. Also, it helps remove musty odors and prevents the build-up of mildew and mold. Measure your space before purchasing one, however, to ensure you get one that aptly suits your space.

3. Repair leaks and cracks

Take the time to thoroughly investigate every nook and cranny of your house, inside and out, to check if there are any leaks or cracks. These may be responsible for the extra moisture entering your home and causing your tiles to sweat. Once you do find the source of the problem, it is essential to fix it immediately by calling a professional repairman or plumber.

4. Make use of preventative measures

Avoid sweating and mold build-up with these preventative measures:

  • Keep aquariums covered.
  • Use lids on pots when cooking.
  • Ventilate directly to the outside after a shower – open a window to let heat escape, not just a door to the inside of your home, which would instead lead the humidity to build-up interiorly.
  • Dry clothes outside if possible, so the water evaporates directly into the atmosphere instead of accumulating in your house.
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