Kitchen & Bath Remodeling


Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Services in Arlington, Southlake and the Greater Dallas & Fort Worth areas
Your bathroom and your kitchen are two rooms that the average person spends a large amount of crucial time in. When you wake up in the morning, the first room that you head to is the bathroom. You shower, you brush your teeth, you ready yourself to greet the day. Then you head to the kitchen for breakfast. Whether it's a Sunday morning feast or a quick piece of toast to keep you going through your workday, your kitchen is the room that sets the tone for the day. Shouldn't these two important rooms feature decor that reflects your personality and starts your day off right? Whether it's a quick morning shower to wake you up, or a relaxing bath to melt away the stress of the week, you don't want to spend your bathroom time staring at ugly tile.

ALL-PRO FLOORS is the #1 kitchen and bathroom remodeling center in the Arlington, Texas area.

We provide everything from water resistant flooring like vinyl and tile, to attractive and durable counter tops, as well as installation. We're here to offer you advice, products and services that will help your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project go smoothly.

Can't decide between tile and vinyl flooring? Unsure about which countertops are right for you? Torn between different styles of backsplashes? ALL-PRO FLOORS offers expert design advice on all remodeling projects, including kitchen and bathroom. We provide in-home consultations where our interior design experts will help you measure your countertops and floors and give you advice on color, style and more.

We also offer skilled professional installation on all flooring, countertops and more. Our courteous and speedy bathroom and kitchen remodeling experts will ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction.
As always, we have the best selection of materials for your project in the Arlington, Texas area. Contact us to find out more.
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