Waterproof Flooring | Arlington, TX

Straight talk about waterproof flooring

There’s so much confusion but what you, the consumer, needs to know is that waterproof flooring is the newest version of luxury vinyl (LVF) with a different core, WPC (wood plastic composite).

It provides the highest level of protection from water and moisture.

While it has the same style and same features as LVF, this core won't peel or ripple, no matter how much liquid to which it’s exposed. That core also makes the vinyl a little thicker and, hence, gives it an extra level of durability.

It’s the right choice is you have plumbing that’s prone to leaks, kids that run, jump and spill or pets fascinated by water who topple their dishes frequently while exploring.

...Or if you just want extra protection and peace of mind…

Waterproof your floors even if you don’t live in a storm-prone area

It’s not just a heavy rainstorm that can cause water damage. There are plenty of sources right in our own homes.

This is best summed up by the story of a woman whose pipes burst, causing extensive damage in the living area. Because the water traveled, another room was also damaged.

It took thousands of dollars to make the needed repairs and to replace furnishings.

Some things to watch out for

The obvious one is a leaky pipe in any room.

The plumbing system is made up of a lot of joints and connectors and one can affect the other, whether it's in the same room or not. A clogged bathroom drain can create a leak in some other room.

Other sources include:

●Appliance floods, such as from dishwashers or corroded laundry hoses.
●Toilets that just keep running. If not attended to, eventually it’ll start dripping and break through a wall or ceiling.
●Noisy pipes. If you hear a banging or drumming sound, beware. It means the pipe is under a lot of pressure, which leads to loose joints, which leads to leaks.
●Shaky connectors. A washing machine doesn’t have to only be corroded to spring a leak. It can get shaken up during one of the cycles, like spin. That can loosen a pipe and if that happens, you’ll see little pools of water around the appliance.

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