Can I install luxury vinyl in my bedroom?

Can I install luxury vinyl in my bedroom?

Yes!  People tend to think of vinyl flooring as a luxury for the kitchen or bathroom, most likely because of its total waterproofing.

Today, however, vinyl floors have become so stylish that we see them in every room and some very high-end homes.

We call it "affordable luxury"

Sometimes you want wood, tile or stone but for reasons, such as budget, it just won't work for you.  You can have all those looks without the high price tag, and they’re so realistic many have a hard time telling the difference from the genuine thing.

With wood, there’s even another reason:  It’s damaged by excess water so it can’t be installed in the bathroom or other high-moisture areas.  Now you can have that wood bath!

High definition photography as well as texturing features, giving the image additional depth and dimension, are available. The wood comes in domestic species, such as maple, oak, walnut and hickory (the latter trending right now) and exotics such as ebony. They can appear wire-brushed (another hot trend), hand-scraped, distressed or antiqued.  

The tiles come in a range of colors and designs and stone looks mean you can have that marble bathroom you have always wanted, and marble bathrooms are also a popular trend.

It can either come as a sheet or cut into planks and tile-sized pieces.

Luxury benefits

  • Comfort.  All vinyl is pliable, but when it is luxury there’s an underlayment that gives it even more cushioning. It also never gets cold and has excellent traction, meaning that if you have kids and pets that run, they’ll be able to slow down or stop at corners without crashing into walls.

  • Durability. Nothing seems to faze vinyl and there is a sturdy top clear wear layer that makes the flooring both highly resistant to scratches and waterproof.  
          Spills wipe up easily, even those from crayons, lipsticks, and markers.

  • Easy installation.  You don’t have to DIY it, but if you’re so inclined, the material can be installed over most others and it’s just glued down or the piece click-and-lock.

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