4 professional tips for choosing the best hardwood color

4 professional tips for choosing the best hardwood color

As it is a significant investment, choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home is essential for many reasons. Of course, you'd like to select something that appeals to your particular taste. Aside from picking something that simply makes you happy, it's equally crucial to choose an appropriate color – something that works best with the lighting, décor, and style of your room. While there are virtually endless color possibilities, let us help you narrow them down with the following advice.

  1. Contrast instead of match

    It's important to keep your décor and furniture in mind when selecting hardwood floors. The key, however, is to choose a contrasting hardwood color as opposed to a matching color. You're bound to get a cluttered look if you match your floors to other items in the room, but if you select hardwood that contrasts everything instead, then you're assured an appealing set-up.
  2. Make a big space even bigger with deeper colors

    Make a big space even bigger by adding a deep color. However, this trick only works if your room isn’t too small. Here, we’re talking about areas that are open and large. In such spaces, adding a deeper color will further highlight the size of the room add to its character. In doing so, you’ll get a nice, seamless – and impressive – expanse of hardwood.
  3. Increase a small room with optical illusion

    In smaller rooms that have dark-colored walls or in limited spaces with minimal natural light, always go with a light-colored hardwood floor installation. Adding more dark elements to an already dark room will only serve to give it a gloomy appearance.
  4. Hide high traffic marks with natural hardwood

    In high traffic areas, you’re more likely to see dents and scratches in flooring. Whether it’s because of pets or kids, opting for natural wood will help to hide those unsightly imperfections. Choose a matte finish instead of glossy to mask the issues even more.
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